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Sunday, 28 February 2010

February's Fabulous Favourites!

February is over!! And thank the Lord for that! I know it's meant to be the shortest month, but so far it feels like it's been the longest! It's actually been a very busy month for me... at uni and at home! And uni exams are right round the corner now, so I'm not looking forward to that either!

But still, a woman can always rely on her make up to make her feel better hehe! So these are the few products I picked out to be my February Favourites! I picked them because I found myself using these products the MOST during the month. Most of these products have actually been in my collection for a while, but I've just recently dug 'em out and started using them a lot!

In order from most favourite to least favourite [both Barry M items are not mentioned in my youtube video but swatches of both are in the picture below]:
  1. Lush Bubblegum Sugar Lip Scrub - Makes your lips soooooooooooooooooo kissably soft ;) ... I LOVE it... and it tastes amazing! It's a jar full of sweetness [literally haha]
  2. Barry M Lipstick [Number 136] - I love this lipstick so much... I have TWO! One for home and one for my emergency make up kit. Love, love, love it! I never thought I'd like it so much ... but I soooo do! hehe
  3. Barry M Glossy Tube Lipgloss [Fabulously Nude] - Great colour, great taste, great product! It's such ashame it's a limited edition!!
  4. Miss Wax by Elegant touch Pre-cut eyebrow shapers - Get rid of all the little annoying hairs and doesn't hurt as much as you think it would! Lol
  5. Pantene Style Pro V Mousse - Perfect for the long lasting hold; especially for curls and waves! ;)
  6. L'oreal Dermo Expertise - I've used this once before but didn't repurchase it until now. Gets rid of make up easily and thoroughly - most of the time =P
  7. 2true Glossywear Nail Polish - perfect nail polish when you don't want too much going on but still want a little sparkle ;)
2true Glossywear Nail Polish - Shade Number 2

LUSH Sugar Lip Scrub - BubbleGum 

Barry M Glossy Tubes Lipgloss Fabulously Nude

 Barry M Lipstick Shade Number 136

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Magic Mushroom Bath

The Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar was released by LUSH Cosmetics as part of their Valentines Day collection. Now, I don't know what the relationship between the mushroom and valentines day is, but honestly I don't really care!

I first decided on buying it whilst browsing online, and when I got to the store and smelt it, I knew I had to buy it! It cost around £2 ... not much for a product that you can get at least three baths out of, if not FOUR!!!

First Impressions:
I thought the design was cute - again didn't see the resemblance between mushrooms and Valentines day, and I still don't. However, the design is original and new! It's really quite refreshing to see something other than the traditional hearts and cupid bows everywhere!
Moving onto what everyone REALLY loves LUSH for and that's the smell! This mushroom has all the lovely smelling goodness that a real mushroom does NOT have - a strong smell of vanilla comes through when you smell it as a solid product before you use it - but there's a nice suprise once you crumble it into the water.
And last but not least, as very briefly stated before, this product costs around £2 (I can't remember the actual price) and it should last you about 3/4 baths! Remember: You don't have to use the whole product to get the bubbles - you'll be suprised at what a small little bit can do!

Using it:
I first broke of the stalk bit of the mushroom (the white bit at the bottom) and used that for my first bath. As it crumbled and landed in the water, bubbles instantly began to form. After a while, (as with any of the Bubble Bars) there were millions and millions of luscious, frothy bubbles!
The second time I used it, I split the top of the mushroom (the head of the mushroom/the red bit) and crumbled that into the water. This time, not only did bubbles appear instantly, it also turned the water a red colour. Which I guess is quite gruesome to some people, but I enjoyed bathing in water that wasn't boringly colourless and prior to the contrary, didn't look like blood (suprisingly).
I also found that a tiny bit of lavender came through the vanilla scent (but that might just be me)

Overall, I thought this product was AMAZING and it's ashame that it was just out on LUSH's shelves for Valentines Day but hey, at least this way I have something to look forward to next year! ;)

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Friday, 19 February 2010

I am who I am!

So this is my new blog ... exciting no? =] Lol
I opened this blog account a couple of days ago just to follow some other blogs on here like Kandee Johnson's AWESOME and very inspiring blog, for example - but I figured I'd have to start writing something on here eventually, and thought tonight would be a pretty good start!
Tonight, I must admit, I'm slightly angry and upset - and the reason is why I have chosen to write this blog...

One thing I dislike the most in a person is ignorance, and it just seems to be spreading exponentially around this world which upsets me. As it seems, people are becoming less and less knowledgeable about what's going on in this world on a wider scale, and are more interested in what's going on around them in their own little bubble. And while it's all very well and good to live in your own little bubble, sometimes you do have to pop it and realise that there is actually a world of people around you.
This world has become so diverse, that us humans group together and constantly think up stereotypes for each group – yet if one group offers up a taste of their own medicine to another, it’s bitter!
Now, growing up as someone from Indian decent (being Anglo-Indian) and having the colour of my skin I’ve been called all the names under the sun and eventually you do learn to deal with it. But tonight I got asked by someone ‘If you’re Indian, why aren’t you Hindu or Muslim?’ and that instantly got to me. I literally could not even answer that question. It’s like asking someone ‘If you weren’t born in this country, why are you in this country?’ – I mean, every individual has the right to choose. Whether it’s choosing something as simple as a colour to paint with or your religion, you have the right. But people just automatically assume that most Indian’s are Hindu or Muslim or that Irish people are all Catholic, so on and so forth. And the ignorance moves even further away from having your ethnicity related to your religion. Like the obvious racism, or ageism or even sexism etc. - So eventually my simple answer to the person was “I’m not Indian. I’m Anglo-Indian.”
Anyway, I could probably sit here and ramble on about this for a very long time, constantly playing devils advocate with myself but my point is that as long as you are proud of who you are and what you believe in, and if you always follow what you believe in and don’t play up to stereotypes you can go a long way and get to where ever you want to be and BE who ever you want to be – because at the end of the day you are who you are and you should NEVER let anyone else tell you otherwise!

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