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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Haul - Barry M

Hey guys!

I've been such a huge fan of Barry M, especially their dazzle dusts and fine glitter dusts, for as long as I can remember. So when I heard that they had released four new dazzle dusts I headed straight down to my local superdrug and had a good ol' look at them!

The four new dazzle dusts, numbered 99 through to 102 are gorgeous and I managed to get my hands on three of them (sadly superdrug was out of DD101 Buff), which is a slight shame but I will be going back or maybe to a different branch to try and get my hands on DD101 Buff hehe.

Along with purchasing three of the new beauties, I picked up DD98 as well, which is petrol black. Here are some pictures and my initial thoughts:

DD98 - Petrol Black
DD99 - Bright Indigo
DD100 - Brass
DD102 - Burgundy Noir

DD98 Petrol Black - Black based dazzle dust with blue/green shimmer.

In my opinion: I love this colour! It slightly reminds me of Oil Slick by Urban Decay with the difference that the shimmer is blue/green in colour and not boring old white/silver. I think this dazzle dust would make any eyes REALLY dazzle ;)

DD99 Bright Indigo - Bold, dark purple.

In my opinion: A pretty flat colour as there isn't any shimmer, so I don't really know how I feel about this one just yet. I love purples in general so I knew I had to pick it up, but until I try this on my eyes I can't tell you how much I like it. I do however, think it will spice up a purple smokey eye - or even if you choose to wear this dazzle dust with a gold colours. I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun playing around with this one!

DD100 Brass - Dark bronze. (VERY similar to DD45)

In my opinion: Strangely, unlike the other two dazzle dusts (DD99 Bright Indigo and DD102 Burgundy Noir) I've managed to see up close (and not just on the website*) this one is probably the least original and also the one I least like. I wasn't too sure about purchasing this one at first because I thought it was a very similar colour to DD45 Bronze, and I was right, but for some reason I just couldn't part with it. On the other hand, after bringing it home and having a proper think about it, I'm slightly glad that I did still buy it because I think it would go great with both Bright Indigo and Burgundy Noir.

*The pictures of the products on the website do not hold close resemblance to the true colours. My advice would be that if you seem interested in any of these then do go down to your local superdrug store, if you can. However, some of the dazzle dusts are not available in superdrug and therefore are only available to purchase via the website.

DD102 Burgundy Noir - True burgundy dazzle dust with gold and pink shimmer.

In my opinion: This is definitley my favourite dazzle dust out of all the new ones. It's just such a beautiful colour and the gold shimmer running through it makes it an even better colour to wear with most of the original dazzle dusts (DD38 Beige, DD39 Tan, DD49 Fawn etc), while the pink shimmer allows you to be able to wear this dazzle dust with pretty much any pink eyeshadow you can think of! I'm so happy I bought this and cannot wait to use it! It also reminds me of arabic/bollywood make up!

If you have any further questions on any of the products mentioned here today, please feel free to ask.
If you've bought any of these as well then I'd love to hear your thoughts on them - which one's your favourite?

Thanks for reading,


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Friday, 30 July 2010

Review - Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15

Hey guys!

This is the first review I've done on video in a while purely because I think it's just much easier to write about it because I can keep it short and sweet, where-as in a video I tend to babble which means at the end of it I cut loads of the video out and it goes all choppy. However, this review was requested AND I absolutely LOVE this foundation (if you haven't already watched the video, that is pretty much the jist of it! lol).

Click here to go see the video.

Here's all the information that's provided on the box of the foundation:
Skin Foundation SPF 15
Lightweight, water-based foundation instantly hydrates and freshens.
For combination, normal and normal to dry skins.
-Hydrates skin and gives it an instantly fresh look.
-Buildable coverage evens out skin tone while looking completely natural.
-Long-wearing formula resists streaking.
-Provides broad-spectrum protection from sun's damaging rays.
Usage: Shake well before use.
Apply prior to sun exposure. WARNING: Keep out of eyes. Stop use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.
Dermatologist tested.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any further questions about the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 please feel free to ask and I'll be happy to help in any way I can!


Thursday, 29 July 2010

July Favourites

Hey guys,

As always, here's my monthly post where I share with you all my favourite products of the month!

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
2. MAC Eyeshadow - Ricepaper
3. MAC Lipstick - Costa Chic
4. MAC Cremesheen Glass - You've Got It (In the groove collection)
5. Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 - #08 Sunset Bronze
6. MAC Superglass - Tunnel of Love
7. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 - #05 Honey
8. GOSH Nail Lacquer - #584 Deep Purple

For a review on any of the products please comment below or click here to go to the video and comment there! If you have any further questions feel free to ask them! =]

Thanks for reading


Youtube Tutorial - Olive look [Inglot Palette Look 2]

Hey guys,

So here's the second look using my inglot palette. I did only use one colour from the palette but the beauty of Inglot's Freedom System is that you can make your own Inglot Palette - so if you want to create this look yourself with your own Inglot Palette then just look for similar colours. If you don't have the colours that I use in the video then obviously, you can use whatever similar colours you have! =]

Here are some pictures and the list of all the products I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Inglot Eyeshadow #419 (Click here to see a picture of the palette)
MAC Eyeshadow - Handwritten
MAC Eyeshadow - Carbon
MAC Eyeshadow - Ricepaper
MAC Fluidline - Blactrack
L'Oreal Renewal Serum Mascara - Black
E.L.F Eyebrow Kit - Medium

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer - NW35
GOSH Pressed Powder - 03 Warm Sand
MAC MSF - Comfort

GOSH Velvet Touch Waterproof Lip Liner - Auburn Twist
GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick - 128 Mocha

Thanks for reading,

Click here to watch the tutorial
Click here to watch the 1st tutorial I did using the Inglot Palette
Click here to watch the review of the Inglot Palette

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Youtube tutorial - Togetherness - MAC In The Groove Look 1

Okay so here's the first look that I've managed to come up with, and for this look the focus is mainly on the Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio in Togetherness (Mineralize Skin Finish in Petticoat is used on the cheeks). Click here to watch the tutorial.

Pictures and a list of all the products:

MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
E.L.F Duo Eyeshadow Cream - Berry Mix (darker colour)
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio - Togetherness (In The Groove collection)
Inglot Eyeshadow - #30
MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
GOSH Waterproof Velvet Touch Eyeliner - Purple Stain
L'oreal Double Extension Renewal Serum Mascara - Black

Barbara Daly Concealer - Medium
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 - #5 Honey
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Petticoat (In The Groove collection)
GOSH Natural Blush - Electric Pink

MAC Lustre Lipstck - Lazy Day (In The Beach collection) *as mentioned in the video, I would also wear a nude lipstick with this look - Barry M Lip Paint - LP136*
NYC Lip Liner Pencil - #954
MAC Cremesheen Glass - You've got it (In The Groove collection)

Thanks for reading!


Monday, 12 July 2010

Youtube tutorial - Light and summery look

Hey guys!

Second video and second blog of the day - but at least this time it's a tutorial.

I haven't really done many tutorials recently because I've run out of ideas. However, my new nglot 10 Eyeshadow palette proves to keep my creative make up spirit going. With 10 eyeshadows that all work really well together, the looks are pretty much endless. So here's the first or many to come! =]

Here's a list of all the products:
E.L.F Eyebrow Kit - Medium
MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
Inglot Eyeshadows - #34, #464, #21, #09 and #30 (labelled on diagram below)
MAC Fluid Line - Blacktrack
Barry M Kohl Pencil - KP1 Black

MAC Frost Lipstick - Costa Chic (In The Groove collection)
NYC Lip Liner - 954
MAC Cremesheen glass - You've got it (In The Groove collection)

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 - #05 Honey
GOSH Pressed Powder - 03 Warm Sand
E.L.F All Over Color Stick - Golden Peach
E.L.F Studio Blush - Candid Coral

Thanks for reading


MAC Haul - In The Groove (plus other new goodies)

Yes, you would have noticed by now that this is in fact my second haul in three days, but I didn't have time to go and have a good look at the In The Groove products when I went into the MAC store in Westfield, London where I originally bought two superglasses. I just went in to the store, had a quick look at the superglasses, bought the 2 that caught my attention the most and walked straight out. So, when I went to my local MAC store this morning, the In The Groove collection was my main focus point.

I had previously looked on the MAC website collection but nothing really caught my eye and made me think 'I HAVE to have that.' And when I went to the store this morning, I pretty much had the same reaction. However, there were those few products (obviously the ones I picked up) that I thought 'yes, I HAVE to have THAT!'

I have to say that I wasn't really too impressed with the eyeshadows or the blushes. The eyeshadows all had some type of taupes/browns or just plainly neutral colours really, which I'm quite bored of because having my skin tone, I tend to have a huge collection of all the neutral colours because they keep me in my 'comfort zone' when it comes to make up. The blushes however, were just colours that were either too light for me, or just colours that I wouldn't know how to work with on my skin tone - so I steered clear.

Here's a list of all the products that I picked up from the 'In The Groove' collection + pictures:
1. Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio - Togetherness
2. Frost Lipstick - Costa Chic (which I didn't think was part of the collection, but it was on the display - it's not part of the collection on the website either but I think they had it on display to replace 'Jazzed' which is sold out)
3. Cremesheen glass - You've got it
4. Mineralize Skin Finish - Petticoat


Costa Chic

You've Got It


I also managed to pick another superglass in - Gift Wrap:

Gift Wrap

Other things I purchased on my day out:
1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 - #5 Honey
2. GOSH Pressed Powder - #03 Warm Sand
3. Revlon Foundation Brush
4. Cutex Nail Polish Remover
5. Naturalites False Eye Lashes - #070

#5 Honey

For a review on any of the products, or if you want a tutorial using any of the products feel free to let me know!

Thanks fo reading,


Saturday, 10 July 2010

One Year Anniversary! =D

Yerp! Today marked my one year anniversary of making videos on youtube, and I can honestly say that I could NEVER have done it without all of the support my subscribers and everyone else has generously given me!

I remember sitting in front of the camera for the very first time with my horribly ungroomed eyebrows, filming my 'Grey and purple look'. I watch it now and I actually cringe at how posh my accent comes across and I remember how uncomfortable I was talking to myself - all in the hope that people would see it and subscribe (false hope maybe?) ... I must have done something right because I did gain subscribers, so I carried on making videos and here I am a year later with 187 subscribers (I know that's probably not that much for some of you but it's a lot for me, and it means a lot to me too), and over 20,000 views on one of my videos (I still can't believe that every time I say it haha).

I have to admit that I've learnt a lot about make-up in the last year and I'm 100% sure that I'll carry on learning more, and (unfortunately for my bank account) my make-up collection will continue to grow exponentially!

For now though, I'd just liked to throw out a MASSIVE thank you to all my subscribers... and once I start my job in September I'm definitely going to be having a contest to show how much I appreciate the support from you guys! Sure, I was laughed at, and still am by many I'm sure, but it's your support that means the most to me! =D

I hope I can continue to give you videos that you want to watch (remember to send me in your requests because that's how I know EXACTLY what you guys wanna watch) and I hope that you continue watching enjoy watching my videos!

Thank you guys soooooooooo much for everything!


Friday, 9 July 2010

Haul - Bobbi Brown, MAC and Inglot!

Okay so if you haven't seen the video, go and check it out here!

Products featured:
Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 - Sunset Bronze #8
MAC Superglass - Disco Blend
MAC Superglass - Tunnel of Love
Inglot Freedom System 10 Eyeshadow Palette - #30, #46, #34, #09, #464, #419, #44, #21, #12, #465 (labelled more clearly on the diagram below)

If you would like to see any reviews on anf the products mentioned, please feel free to go to the video and comment under that, or leave a comment under this post. Same goes if you would like to see a tutorial using any of the products featured.


With Flash

Without Flash

These are swatches in the same order as they are in the palette (With Flash)

With Flash

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, 1 July 2010

June Favourites

Here's a list of all the products featured in my June Favourites video.

If you would like a review on any of the products feel free to let me know by commenting either on this blogpost or under the video.

June 2010 Favourite Products:
1. Tresemme InstantRefresh Waterless Foam Shampoo - For Dry, Frizz Prone hair
2. E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip - Lilac Petal
3. Nivea Visage Gentle Cleansing Facial Wipes
4. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket - Eric
5. Fraulein Angled Contour Brush
6. Fraulein Fine Liner Brush

Hope this post helps with any questions you may have. Again, if you have any questions about any product specifically please feel free to let me know! =]

Thanks for reading,


AMAZING Bobbi Brown Event!

Name of event: Menu of Beauty Lessons Event

Date: From 1st of July until 10th of July

Description: You have 6 different beauty lessons to choose from; Perfect Foundation, Smokey Eye, 10 Step Lesson, Bridal Beauty*, Makeup Facelift, Evening Drama. Each lesson ranges from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. You only get to choose ONE. Meet Bobbi's artists and receive a complimentary makeup lesson and face chart.

How do I get there?: All you have to do is live in the UK, go to your nearest Bobbi Brown counter and book your appointment. Visit the Bobbi Brown Website UK to find your local store.

*60 minute lesson. Consists of 2 sessions at a £30 booking fee, redeemable against purchase.

If you have any other questions about the event you can either ask someone when you call your Bobbi Brown counter or you can e-mail me at hickenc373@hotmail.com , message or comment on my youtube channel or ask me the question on my formspring account, and I'll try and answer your question the best way I can.

I'll be at the Bobbi Brown counter at John Lewis, Oxford Street, London on Tuesday 6th at 11:15am. If you're going to the event (whatever day) let me know! I'd love to hear about your experience! =D

Thanks for reading,