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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Wishing you a very happy New Year!

Good afternoon to you all! 

I'm sitting on the sofa in my living room watching my brother play Little Big Planet 2 on his new PS3 that he got for Christmas and I'm wondering where this year just disappeared to. This time last year I was in India spending time with my family over there, and talking to them about how 2012 is gonna be a busy year for London because of the Olympics n'all. 

It's just so amazing how fast years go by - and they seem to go by faster and faster as you get older. I can't believe that this time tomorrow we - everybody around the world - will officially be into the new year... some, like New Zealand and  Australia, have probably already wished their loved ones a happy and prosperous new year, while we patiently wait and look forward to any celebrations that we may have planned for tonight!

So! This is simply just a blog to wish all my subscribers and blog readers a very very happy new year and I'm sure that no matter what you're doing, tonight will be great - and so, to start as you mean to go on, celebrate in style, be happy, stay safe and keep hoping and dreaming - 2012 will do the rest for you ;)

Wishing everyone a happy, warm, safe new year! Hope 2012 is everything you hope it to be! =D


Friday, 30 December 2011

Youtube Tutorial: New Years Smokey Eye


So, firstly, let me answer the what, where and why. I got tons of messages (to my surprise) asking WHAT happened to me, WHERE I disappeared to and WHY?!? Basically, the last time I post a video on youtube was on May 1st 2011 and since then I was really busy with work and honestly, I lost motivation to do any sort of youtube videos. BUT I recently found that I missed it so much, so I went onto my channel to check it out and I realised I had loads of messages asking me what had happened to me and I had loads of requests as well.

So I figured, since I missed youtube, and since you guys missed me, I decided this was a good time to come back... and here's my tutorial!

As I mentioned in the video, I got quite a few requests for party/glam looks and with New Years right round the corner I figured it would be a good time to upload a look that fit those requests. 


- Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion
- MAC Paint Pot Bare Study
- Urban Decay Naked Palette - Gunmetal, Creep
- MAC Eyeshadow - Carbon, Contrast, Espresso, Bisque
- MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
- MAC Eye Kohl - Blooz
- Eylure Naturalites False Eyelashes #100

(for eyebrows I used MAC Fluidline - Dipdown)

- Nivea Face Moisturiser
- MAC Studio Fix Fooundation SPF15 - NC42
- MAC Blush - Darkly My Dear (Limited edition)

- Nivea Lip Balm - Pure and Simple Milk and Honey
- MAC Lip Pencil - Burgundy
- Urban Decay Pocket Rocket - Eric (red)
  *As mentioned in the video, most lip colours will suit this look since the eye look is your standard smokey eye. Just remember to keep your cheeks natural ;)

FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this video were purchased with my own money. Opinions on any of the products, if any, are 100% my own. I am not affiliated with any of the companies to make said products.


This is the look with Dubonnet (MAC Lipstick) - I wore this on Christmas Day

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Youtube Tutorial - Pink Lemon...ade

Some five years ago I remember a friend asking me "Chanel, don't you think yellow and pink really work well together?" and in my head I obviously thought of the brightest yellow and pink you could ever think of, paired them together and replied "eurgh, no way!" But I have clearly proved myself wrong.

I've always admitted that I've disliked pink. And by that I mean, I wouldn't ever choose it to be my favourite colour if I had to. And I don't ever wear pink, and neither do I really own anything that's remotely pink (apart from the necklace that inspired this look). So, even I was shocked when I put this look together. 

Of course I love the two colours together but the fact that they work so well with each other and my eye colour makes me give it the real good thumbs up! 

So click here to watch the tutorial, and here is a list of all the products I used, and some tips to follow ;)

- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- MAC Paint Pot - Bare Study
- Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon - #9 
- 120 Pro palette (click on picture of the palette below to enlarge it and to see the colours I used)
- MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
- Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner - Zero
- Maybelline One by One Lash Mascara

- Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 - #5 Honey
- GOSH Pressed Powder - #3 Warm Sands
- MAC Blush - Fleur Power

- Nivea Pure and Natural - Milk and Honey
- L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh - #601 Aqua Lemon Tonic

Thanks for reading, don't forget to check out the video and here are some pictures of the look! =]

Love xxx

Monday, 25 April 2011

Youtube Tutorial - MAC Fabulous Felines: Burmese Beauty Tutorial 2

Here's a list of all the products I used in the my second look using the Burmese Beauty palette from MAC's Fabulous Felines collection that came out a while ago.

I know it's late for a tutorial but, better late than never ;) ... and it's always good to dig out your old make up and play around with it hehe

- MAC Paint Pot - Bare Study
- MAC Burmese Beauty Quad (from Fabulous Felines collection) - Prized, Skin tone 2 and Showstopper
- MAC Fluidline - Black track
- Barry M Eye Pencil - EP10 Gold
- ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit - Dark
- Maybelline One by One Mascara

- Nivea Daily Essentials Moisturiser
- Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 - #5 Honey
- GOSH Pressed Powder - #3 Warm Sand
- MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Comfort
- GOSH Natural Blush - #39 Electric Pink

- Barry M Lip Liner - LL3 Red
- ELF Studio Minty Lip Gloss - Boston

Click here to watch the tutorial.

Click here to see a list of all the products I purchased from the collection, and for a mini review on them click here

Thanks for reading,


Youtube Tutorial - Full Face In Under 10 Minutes


I know this is late since I put up the tutorial a fair few days ago but I genuinely forgot I had to post all the products and stuff on my blog, but never-the-less, here it all is!

The look in general is a really quick and easy look to pull together and it's a really natural look too for all of you who love to keep it simple ;) ... and you don't need to use too much stuff either!

MAC Paintpot - Bare Study
ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit - Dark
L'Oreal Superliner - Black
Maybelline One by One Mascara

Nivea Daily Essentials Moisturiser
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 - #5 Honey
GOSH Powder -#3 Warm

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket - Eric

And that is it! See... told you it was easy!

Enjoy this lovely weather we're having in London, and if you don't live in the UK then enjoy the day where ever you are! =D

Click here to see the tutorial!



Friday, 11 March 2011

Youtube Tutorial - Seven Deadly Sins Series - Sloth

Hey guys!

So, finally I have managed to film and upload another tutorial and FINALLY it is another addition to my seven deadly sins series. The main reason I've taken so long in doing this is purely because inspiration took ages to hit me, and I'm not a very artsy person, so it is difficult for me to come up with these things. Never-the-less, it is here, and this one it SLOTH! =]

Products I used:

- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Barry M Kohl Pencil - KP11 Silver
- Barry M Dazzle Dusts - DD23 and DD10
- MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner - Signature Blue
- MAC Fluidline Eyeliner - Blacktrack
- MAC Eyeshadows - Wedge, Sand & Sun
- Maybelline Falsies Mascara
- Naturalites False Eyelashes - #101

- Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 - #5 Honey
- MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer - NW35
- MAC Blush - Melba
- Star Gazer White Body Glitter (I bought this from a fancy dress/party store)
- Pale Blue feathers (I bought these from a craft store)

- Barry M Lip Pencil - LP6
- Barry M Lip Paint - 136
- MAC Lipglass - Best of Breed

I used Duo Adhesive glue to stick on the false eyelashes and the feathers. Make sure you use a glue that your skin will not react badly to. i.e. if you know you're allergic to latex don't use the blue duo adhesive, use the red one. Other than that, any other glue that is suitable to stick things onto your skin is good enough to use. 

Do leave feedback on what you think of the whole look =]

SOME PICTURES of the look

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Youtube Tutorial - My love for camel

Hey guys...

Pictures for this look will be up soon, but here's the list of all the products I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paintpot - Indian Wood
MAC Fabulous Felines Leopard Luxe Quad - Wild by Nature
MAC Eyeshadow - Ricepaper, Handwritten, Wedge and Carbon
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye liner - Whiskey and Zero (came with Urban Decay Naked palette) but GOSH do a brown eyeliner that would work just as well... or any other brown eyeliner you have.
Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Johnsons Daily Day Moisturiser
GOSH Velvet touch Eye Primer 
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 - #5 Honey
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer - NW35
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Comfort
ELF Mineral Blush - Plum

MAC Lipstick - Thrills (To The Beach collection)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Some of my favourite video's of 2010! =]

Hey, Hi, Hello! 

I know we're almost 3 months into 2011 but I was looking through some of my videos on youtube, and some of the video's that I've favourited as well, and I thought I'd share my most favourite ones with you incase you guys are interested in them =]

So... I've picked two or three tutorials of my own that I'm quite proud of hehe:

1. Obviously, I had to choose this one. It's the tutorial for make up inspired by the Seven Deadly Sin - Gluttony. I'm gonna finish off this series this year, promise! But this is the first one that I did, and I can remember how long I spent sticking on the little body gems. So here it is:

2. This is a favourite of mine purely because it's a little bit out of my comfort zone, using the colours that I did. And I think this was one of the first tutorials that I actually used false lashes in (apart from the to the beach in five minutes look).

3. The last of my favourites has to be the tutorial that I've got the most views on - without it I wouldn't be where I am today. So, in essence I hate this video because it was one of the first ones that I ever did and I'm not a big fan of any of my first videos, really. But here it is anyway...with over 50,000 views! =]

As for videos by other youtube stars (and no I don't see myself as a youtube star!) it was really difficult to choose 3... so I'm gonna give you their youtube pages instead and that gives you the chance to see all their awesome videos! =D

I love Kandee Johnson... she just really is an awesome person and she cheers me up just purely with her smile and her optimistic outlook. Definitely check out her videos!

2. http://www.youtube.com/user/petrilude ... Simply put - a genious with make up! Especially when it comes to completely transforming your image i.e dress up make up - halloween, drag etc.

3. http://www.youtube.com/user/julieg713 - Just beautiful... with make up and just beautiful anyway. If you're into the more dramatic but wearable make up, JulieG is definitely one to watch! =D

Hope you check out some of these gurus and videos! 

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, 29 January 2011

*NEW* Q&A - 47. ShaySmiless: Have you been bullied?

Hey guys!

So back in September 2010 (feels like not so long ago doesn't it?) I held a contest/giveaway thing where I asked for people to enter by asking me different questions. I promised that I would try and answer a few of these questions each week in a special Q&A video, and I did start doing it but because I went away, and I haven't had much time recently to do any sort of videos, I thought that it might be a good idea to focus on some of the questions that I feel I can talk quite a bit about either because it means a lot to me or, like the question of this blog, affected me and continues to affect a number of other people. So, I thought this would probably be a good place to start if I'm going to talk about anything that's worth talking about.

ShaySmiless asked me 'Have you ever been bullied?'

The simple answer is, yes.

I think that pretty much every child is 'picked on' at school but there is a very fine line, albeit a difference, between being picked on and being bullied. For starters, being picked on doesn't necessarily mean that the 'victim' is actually offended - it might be from friends just making a joke about your hair. THAT becomes bullying when people start to make you an outcast in your day to day life about your hairstyle... as I said, a very fine line. It also becomes bullying when it's a constant thing. And I'm not saying that you won't be bullied by your friends, but normally it's the people who don't know you and try and judge you, hence they start to continuously pick on you = bullying! In my opinion, these people are ignorant.

It's not just being 'picked on' that constitutes as bullying, and I guess I was probably one of the lucky ones in some respects. The worst thing that ever happened to me was receiving a hate letter with newspaper alphabet cut outs - it said something I wish not to repeat, but the message was extremely hurtful and certainly scared me! But some are beaten to the ground for money, or just for the fun of it. Or even worse.

A bully will always find a reason to say something hurtful to you and yes, they probably do get a kick out of it. I do not know how the mind of a bully works, but I'd like to think that they go home and regret what they've done... but I can't say that, that is in fact what I believe. I do, however, believe that most 'bullies' are jealous of their unfortunate victim. I don't agree that envy is a just reason to make someone else's life an absolute misery, but I guess for a bully it makes them feel better if they think that someone else is feeling a whole lot worse than they are.

I was bullied pretty much all through primary school, for the reason I can only guess was racism. My skin is the colour of Indian heritage... Enough said, I guess. And this is still going on!! Even with all the schools having  'stop bullying' campaigns. And this isn't the only reason... homosexual people are bullied by homophobic's, just simply because homophobic's aren't comfortable with having gay or lesbian people in this world - so they make their lives hell. Bullies are probably some of the people who walk around saying terrorism is bad or war is horrific... Hypocrites? I think so... In fact, I know so. I don't believe in making anyone's life a living misery. No matter what colour their skin is, no matter what God they do or do not believe in, or what sex they have a desire for. Any person deserves to be treated the way YOU want to be treated.

In secondary school, it somewhat slackened but none the less it took quite a few years for me to ever forgive the people who made a large chunk of my childhood a part of my life that I really wish I couldn't remember. 'Til this day it still affects me in so many ways; I've never been a confident person and I truly believe that being bullied is a major factor in not accepting myself for the way I am. And in some respects of my life, it makes me think that I'm a failure for not being able to fight for myself. I remember my dad always having to go to my school headteacher to complain that 'she came home crying... AGAIN'  or 'She got hit with a chair leg in her shin and came home crying... AGAIN' or 'this morning my daughter woke up and said she didn't want to go to school because she was scared... I told her she had to go and she came home crying... AGAIN' . I'll never EVER forget my dad shouting these words at my headteacher while I was in the room, and I promise I will never EVER forget the people that caused my dad to do such a thing. And if it was my child, I would do exactly the same thing! It needs to be stopped!!!

As I've grown up I still have all these hang ups about the way I look, the way I dress, the way I walk and talk, or even the way I do my make up... but through the years I've performed music on the violin in front of an audience and I've stood up on stage in front of a club full of people on numerous occasions and I've been applauded. And, some days when I'm down and I've got all these awful memories residing in my mind, I think of all the times that someone's complimented me, or the sound of hundreds of people clapping because they enjoyed watching and/or listening to me. It really is a good feeling, and makes me feel that I've come out the other end of bullying, a much stronger person - emotionally and mentally.

So, if you are going through this I want you to remember that you are a beautiful person, inside and out and that you should NOT under any circumstances let these horrible people get to you. I know it's easier said than done, but you have to keep telling yourself that you are worth everything and more compared to the bullies who have nothing else better to do but get their kicks by making your life a living hell. In the end, you'll come out with a much better life than they have and ever will have. 

If you've gone through it, help as much people who are being bullied as you can! It needs to be stopped, and I know that if you've lived through it all you will agree with me. I wouldn't want my little brother to go through it, and I wouldn't want any other child to go through it. No one deserves to be treated in that way.

As a last note; I tried to forgive them and I guess I partially have... but I will NEVER forget these people. I remember their names and their faces still haunt me. But I thank them for making me the person I am today. Without them I would never have been able to accomplish everything I have and will!

Thanks for reading,


Keep Smiling!! =]

Friday, 28 January 2011


WHAT A STRESSFUL WEEK!! Oh my goodness... I was almost at the point of hyperventilating last night because I was panicking at the amount of work that has piled up on my desk. I have a crazy amount of work due in before March 7th and it really is getting the better of me! BUT... As from today I have moved into the library (yes, I am joking xD ... I haven't completely lost the plot just yet)... As in, if anyone ever needs me chances are I will be in the library as of today! Lol

My arm is KILLING me as well... I had to carry 2 massive textbooks home on the train =[

I'm gonna go now and have a really nice long bath, and sing 'til my heart's content ... because I just deserve to relax a little after the week I've had. I bought some really nice clothes today from New Look... and some funky jewellery ... I'll post some pictures at a later date.

But this is my official warning, do not ever do a biology degree!! Lol... Though I'm sure other degree's are just as hard if not harder... MEDICINE for example would be like an extra 3 years of HARDER! ...And to think I wanted to do that O_O

The best part of my week was well... getting to play some fruit slicing game on a friends iPhone (I refuse to buy one myself coz I don't like them... but give me that game any day HAHA) and I had a lecture this week on Brain Development... It was honestly the most interesting and fascinating lecture I've had since I started uni... I was actually sad when it was over! Haha

I think this is possibly the shortest blog post since I've come back from India lol... I'll leave it here! 

Take care guys... thanks for reading!

Chanel Hicken 


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Miscellaneous: All you'll ever gonna be is mean...

Hey guys!

Just a quick blog post since I haven't managed to upload any videos to youtube yet. I have recorded them, but the software that I use to convert the video files isn't working for some strange reason. I'll see what I can do this week - hopefully I'll be able to sort it out!

This past few weeks I've been listening to Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now, like craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! It's such an amazing album. Every song I listen to either makes me just want sing out loud just to get my point across to that person because the lyrics in some of hers are just the words you need to put someone straight. It's really great stuff. And there are loads of great songs on it... on her other albums I could probably pick one or two songs out that are really amazing, but this album is just the opposite where I could probably pick one or two that I don't really like that much.
 ... There's one song that I avoid like the plague - Last Kiss. When I first got the album and the song made me cry I thought 'great song'... the times I listened to it after that and it made me cry each and every time I thought 'this song is never gonna get old - it's so great' and now, I just can't listen to it because everytime I do I can feel my eyes welling up xD

Anywaaaaaaaaay - moving on... I was meant to get a new phone today but 3 were being difficult, so I didn't. Which really upset me, because I've really been looking forward to getting a new phone. But as I said, 3 is just being stupid at the moment. Still, there's nothing wrong with my phone. Edward (my phone) serves me well so there's not really much point in changing it... at least that's what I'm telling myself. I was meant to go out today as well but ... well those plans didn't go to plan. SO, I'm stuck indoors!

And because I'm stuck indoors I thought I'd take some pictures, and while I'm at it, lemme show you the newest baby to my collection of babies who aren't actually human! haha

I saved up for about a year to get these beauties!! I got the midnight collection which came with two clips, the case and the heatproof mat (and obviously the straighteners) lol... I paid £122 I think... I thought I deserved it after a year of saving up hehe

And then some pictures that I took coz I got bored:

Lotsa Love


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Long time no blooooooooooooooooog... hehe

Hiiiiiiiii! =D

Happy New Year - even though we're already 20 days into it!

So... lots to tell you guys! I've just got back from a trip to India - I spent Christmas and new years over there with the whole of my family. Was so great to see my whole family over there since I hardly ever get to see them because my family and I pretty much go every 3/4 years. Not to mention, that this year was probably the last year that I'd be travelling there with my family since my whole life is about to change... and I'm scared!

I don't mean that my whole life is about to change drastically, but it's that time to - well 'spread my wings and fly out of the nest' ... and hopefully my wings will carry me well! ... It's time to stop relying so much on my family and learn to be able to rely on myself for my own needs. Because, lets face it, I can't rely of my family my whole life, can I?

So currently, I've been busy. Busy with uni, work and generally sorting out my life and planning ahead to what I think I might want to do by the time I'm in my third year (which is only really about 8/9 months to go... which isn't too long considering how fast the years are just passing by!).

BUT... I will be sticking to my youtube channel... because it's something that I love to do and I really wanna keep it going. It makes me happy!

Hopefully I'll have some videos up next week... I'll be able to film some this weekend, while I'm free. But I can feel it... It's gonna be a good year! ;)

Have a great day guys and keep smiling! =D